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The Manners and Sunnah of Miswaak

  1. The Miswak should not be too hard or too soft.

  1. A Miswaak should not be thicker than a finger's breadth.

  1. A miswak should not be longer than a "span" i.e. the maximum distance between the tips of the thumb and little finger. As the satan sits at the end of  the miswak if it is longer.

  1. A miswak can be shorter then a span but not that short that it becomes hard to use.

  2. A Miswaak should be held in such a manner that the small finger and thumb is below the miswaak and the remaining fingers on its upper side.

  1. Move the miswak at least three times in an upwards and downwards motion from right to left, try to wash the miswak each time.

  1. Use the miswak on the top right teeth first then the bottom right teeth.  Then move onto the top left teeth and then the bottom left teeth.

  1. Before and after using the miswak wash it.

  1. Place the miswak in an upwards position so the bristles are at the top.

  1. Use the miswak in the breath of your teeth and not the length as there is a fear of causing harm to the gums.

  1. it is Sunnat to use the miswak whilst performing ablution

  1. it is Sunnat to use the miswak to get rid of bad odors from the mouth

  1. When the miswak is no longer usable do not throw it away as this is against the Sunnat, instead either put it away in a safe place or bury it.

  1. For the one who uses miswak there is 5 times reward for each tooth and finger that is used.

  2. It has been narrated in a Hadeeth Shareef that for the one who uses the miswak he will gain reward for the amount of Muslim people there will be till the Day of Judgment.

O Allah    may grant us courage to follow the Sunnah.
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