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The Sunnah and Manners of Clipping Nails

When clipping nails,start with the right hand's index finger. 

Clip your Index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger.

Then move onto the left hand. This time start with the    little finger first, then ring finger, middle finger, index finger, and the thumb and lastly the thumb of the right hand.

The direction to clip toenails is the same as the direction used in doing Khilaal of the toenails during wadu. Start with clipping right foot's small toe and work your way to the big toe. Then, move on to the left foot and start clipping with left foot's big toe and move your way to the small toe.

Don't bite your teeth because it is makrooh. Nails should be clipped within 40 days. Otherwise, a Sunnah will be missed, and poverty will be headed towards you.

After clipping nails, it's recommended to wash the finger   tips. 

O Allah  may grant us courage to follow the Sunnah.

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