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Sunnah and Manners of Using The Bathroom

Cover your head and read this dua before entering the washroom:

Enter the bathroom with your left foot.

Do not take off your clothes before using toilet

Don't put your pants too low.

Before washing, flush the toilet

Use your left hand for washing and your right    bvhand to pour the water

Make sure you check that all the dirt is gone

Dry with a tissue

When finished, quickly pick up your pants

Do not look at yourself or in the mirror when you    have no clothes on

Don't stay on the toilet too long

Do not answer any salam or sneeze when on the toilet or when in the bathroom. If you have to sneeze say the hamd In your heart.

Don't spend too much time in the bathroom.

Don't face or have your back towards the kaba Wash hands with halal soap

When leaving the toilet, recite

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