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The Sunnah and Manners of Musaafaha (Hand shaking)

  • The definition of Musafaha is to shake hands with someone.

  • Shake hands with both of your hands.

  • Since Musafaha is a Sunnah, you should shake hands every time you meet.

  • When two Muslim men or two Muslim women meet, they should say salaam first, and then shake hands.

  • Shake hands again when you are leaving.

  • Most people only shake hands with one hand and with only the fingers touching. This is against the Sunnah.

  • Your hands should be empty when shaking hands and your palms should touch the other person's palms.

  • While you are shaking hands, you should smile and be happy. If possible, read Durood shareef and if you can, read this dua:

(Yaghfirullaahu lanaa walakum) 'Allah forgive us and you.'

O Allah may grant us courage to follow the Sunnah .

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