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Sunnah and Manners to Say Salaam

  1. The best way to say salam is:

    Assalamualeikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu wamaghfirah


  2. The best way to answer salam is:

    Wa’leikumussalaaam wa rah matullahi wabarakatuhu wa maghfirah


  3. When you meet any Muslim, saying salam is a sunnah

  4. Even if you don’t know the Muslims you should say salam

  5. You should do salaam first

  6. The person that says salam receives 90 blessings and the person who answers receive 10

  7. You should say salam loudly so the person can hear you

  8. You have to answer when someone says salaam to you

  9. Who ever is busy reading zikar o durood, naat shareef, Quraan shareef, or is listening or giving a khuthba (Islamic speech) you should not say salaam to them.

O Allah please make me follow the Sunnah of  saying salaam.

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