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Whenever you have to sneeze cover your mouth with a cloth or your hand, duck your head and lower your voice.

When you have to burp or sneeze don't it out loud because the shaitan likes it

After you sneeze say


then 70 illnesses will go away. If You say

no pain will come on your teeth or ear. It is a sunnat to say

When you sneeze but it is better to say 'ALHAMDULILLAHI RABBIL ALAMEEN.'

Now whoever heard the person say the hamd they must say

and say it loud so the person that said the hamd could hear .If you are late in saying the answer you become a sinner. 

After hearing a person answering your sneeze then say

If you sneeze say the hamd loudly so you and the person who hears get the reward. 

Giving the answer once is a must, if the person sneezes twice answering is not a must but you get a reward for it.

O Allah  may grant us courage to follow the Sunnah.

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