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The Sunnah and Manners of Going to Other People's Houses

  1. When you are outside someone's house and waiting to go in, do not peek inside the house.

  2. Before entering someone's house, say'Assalamu alaikum' first and then ask for permission to come in.

  3. When they ask, 'Who's there?', do not say, 'It's me, open the door.', but tell them your name.

  4. If they do not give you permission to go in, go back. Maybe they didn't let you in because of a problem.

  5. If the door of the house doesn't have a curtains or is glass and see-through, move to one side and stand where you can't see outside.

  6. When you get permission, lower your gaze and enter.

O Allah   may grant us courage to follow the Sunnah.


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